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Latitude 232 provides corporate advisory services to participants in the Australian agriculture sector. Through a deep understanding of the agricultural sector, strong links with industry participants, and an understanding of investor requirements, Latitude 232 assists clients on their investment and divestment requirements in Australian agriculture. 

Latitude 232

Latitude 232's approach is both macro and micro. Latitude 232's understanding of the macro-environment and industry trends enables us to provide guidance on the broader strategies of an investment in a particular industry or environment. While Latitude 232's diligent approach to the detail ensures that clients make the right decision on a particular investment.

Our services include providing strategic advice, capital raising and transaction management, investment due diligence and financial modelling, valuations, investment auditing, and regional development consulting.

Latitude 232 Food & Agribusiness Index

Latitude 232 has developed a new Food & Agribusiness Index to track the performance of Australian food and agribusiness stocks. Please click here for more information.

The Name "Latitude 232"

Agribusiness has always played a strong part in the Australian economy and psyche. Understanding agriculture and its importance to Australia is at the heart of what Latitude 232 stands for. According to Geoscience Australia, 'the Furthest Point from the Coastline' is one of the four recognised methods of determining the centre of Australia.


This method aims to determine the centre point of the largest perfect circle that can be drawn inside Australia that only just touches the coast line at three locations. The coordinates of this centre points are 23 degrees and 2 minutes sougth latitude and 132 degrees 10 minutes east longitude.


Thus we have latitude 23°2’, the latitude coordinate that traverses the very heart of our great continent.